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Technical Questions for Architects and Specifiers

Contact for architectural & specification inquiries to enhance your projects. Whether you have questions regarding the technical aspects of our WWHRS Shower Tray or need assistance with specifications for your projects, we are ready to help. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry enable us to provide valuable insights and guidance. To acces our […]

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Need an Installer?

Professional installers available for your WWHRS Shower Tray installation. If you have purchased a WWHRS Shower Tray and require the services of a professional installer, we can help in connecting with qualified professionals to handle the installation with ease and expertise Why Choose a Recommended Installer? Expertise: All recommended installers have undergone rigorous training and

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Knowledge base

Knowledge Base provides valuable information and resources to enhance your understanding of our product and related topics. This section serves as a repository of knowledge, offering a variety of articles, guides, and FAQs to support your decision-making process and ensure you have all the information you need. From installation tips and troubleshooting guides to energy-saving

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Installation Installation and SetupWelcome to our WWHRS Shower Tray Installation and Setup guide. This page provides detailed instructions and guidelines to ensure a proper installation and setup of your WWHRS shower tray. Please follow the steps below for a successful installation. Pre-Installation PreparationReview the WWHRS shower tray manual: Familiarize yourself with the manual, which contains

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How it works

Design is how it works The WWHRS Shower Tray operates like a traditional shower tray, but it incorporates a special device called heat exchanger. This innovative feature allows the shower tray to capture the heat from the outgoing grey water (waste water) as it drains from the shower. The captured heat is then transferred to

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