Installation and Setup
Welcome to our WWHRS Shower Tray Installation and Setup guide. This page provides detailed instructions and guidelines to ensure a proper installation and setup of your WWHRS shower tray. Please follow the steps below for a successful installation.

Pre-Installation Preparation
Review the WWHRS shower tray manual: Familiarize yourself with the manual, which contains important information, safety guidelines, and specific installation requirements.

Gather necessary tools: Ensure you have all the required tools and equipment mentioned in the manual for a smooth installation process.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide
Ensure correct drainage: Position the WWHRS shower tray in a horizontal position to ensure proper drainage. Make sure the tray is sloped towards the drain outlet for efficient water flow.

Secure and seal the shower tray: Ensure the shower tray is securely positioned and well sealed to prevent any leaks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or recommended sealing methods for best results.

Choose the installation option:
a. On the floor: Install the WWHRS shower tray directly on the floor surface, ensuring it is level and properly aligned with the drain outlet.
b. Raised installation: If desired, elevate the shower tray using suitable supports to create a raised platform. Ensure stability and secure the tray in place.
c. Embedded installation: If opting for an embedded installation, provide sufficient space for drainage by allowing a 9 cm clearance below the tray. Ensure the tray is securely embedded and sealed.

Cold water inlet connection: Connect the cold water inlet of the shower tray to the WWHRS connectors according to the provided instructions. This allows the greywater to enter the WWHRS system for heat exchange.

Preheated water outlet connection: Connect the preheated water outlet of the WWHRS system to the shower mixer’s cold water intake. This ensures the preheated water from the WWHRS system is mixed with cold water before reaching the showerhead.

Connecting Options (A, B, C)
There are three common options to connect the WWHRS shower tray according to industry standards. Let’s explore each option here:

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