WWHRS Shower Tray Initiative

As a Sustainability Ambassador actively participating in our program, you can unlock various incentives and rewards. Here’s an outline of the incentives and their breakdown:

Financial Incentives:

Referral Program: Earn a commission or financial reward for each successful referral or sale generated through your efforts. The commission structure can vary based on the type of user and the sales channel.

Recognition and Rewards:

Ambassador Levels: Achieve different levels of recognition based on your performance, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Ambassador. Each level comes with unique rewards and benefits.
Exceptional Efforts: Stand out by going above and beyond in promoting the WWHRS Shower Tray. Receive special recognition, certificates, or awards for your outstanding contributions.
Benefits for Specific User Types:

Architects and Designers: Gain exclusive access to resources, case studies, and collaboration opportunities with industry professionals. Receive recognition for incorporating WWHRS Shower Tray into sustainable building designs.
Media and Influencers: Get featured in our promotional materials, website, or social media channels, increasing your visibility and credibility in the sustainability field.
Sales Channel: Depending on the sales channel, additional benefits may include sales training, marketing support, and exclusive discounts or incentives for meeting sales targets.

Please note that the specific details, percentages, and breakdowns of incentives and rewards will be provided in the official program documentation.

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